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Prediction for 2021

Winter solstice day, the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, the withering away of old meanings and the birth of new ones. This is a challenging but wonderful time for personal transformation and the search for one’s predestination. Today, Aayla will give us a shamanic prediction for 2021. She will also explain the opportunities that will open up for a man and for the world at large.

During this year we have experienced many challenging events on our planet: two waves of coronavirus, severe disasters, earthquakes and flooding, fires, mass poisonings, military collisions between people, rallies and demonstrations. It feels like in 2020 a can of worms has been crack opened, releasing everything bad into the human world. Of course, we would like to believe that this would be the end of people’s misery and suffering, but it is not that simple. The Age of Aquarius is just starting to set in; the mankind will have a difficult spiritual journey to follow, in the next two years. Aayla Shaman will give us predictions for 2021 and tell us how the planets will affect our lives.

On December 21, 2020, the Age of Aquarius, an era of spirituality, the flowering of all human powers and qualities, has entered its rights. An era when a person can transform herself into a deity.

Cosmic laws according to shamanism

It is difficult for an ordinary person to understand the divine plan and the influence of cosmic laws our destiny. Only those who have had a spiritual experience and realized that they are part of the universe and the huge divine plan, is able accept the new year and the Age of Aquarius with all transformations.

What happens to us on the energy level? We are, firs of all, energetic beings, subtly perceiving the energy of the earth and the cosmos. But we not only accumulate it, but also have to direct it somewhere necessarily. To create, to create, to fulfil. Saturn was in Capricorn during the last three years and manifested itself as powerful as possible. The planet demanded our obedience, compliance with the law, discipline and order. It dictated it own terms and punished us for non-compliance. Its power culminated in 2020 when people were trapped in their flats around the world by a coronavirus pandemic. But a person cannot live in a tight corner all the time. If he does not have the skill and ability to transform unrealised and trapped energy into prayer and self-development, terrible things will happen – an emotional explosion, conflict, a desire to destroy.

The Age of Aquarius is the age of spirituality. And the first experience a person will have to obtain is the skill to transform energy into love, mercy and healing.

How did Aayla and her students spend 2020? Were they able to maintain mental harmony in the chaos of the world? Shamanic seminars enabled our girls and women to go through this difficult year with dignity and harmony. Aayla was constantly in touch through the online school, through the rituals and the Field of Love prayer. We learned to convert and transform the energy. We helped women to pray for their lineage and for their personal happiness. We were talking about money, career and prosperity. We were preparing for the sacred transition to the Age of Aquarius. For us and Aayla the forecast for 2021 was clear and simple – to devote time to seminars and shamanic practices, to learn to transform the energy, to fill our life with prayer and love.

Prediction for 2021

Global destructive processes

Protests in America and Europe, military clashes in Nagorno-Karabakh, Ukraine, Africa, violent suppression of demonstrations in Belarus… The news is drowned in horrifying statistics. Sadly, the next two years are filled with just as much shock. It will take a lot of strength and patience for each of us to make the transformation journey with dignity. Aayla recommends trying to shield yourself and your loved ones from such events and provocations, from any manifestation of evil and envy. Store your energy and direct it towards creation, love and family. Do as much spiritual practice as possible, enveloping yourself and your loved ones with a protective energy cocoon. You should always have amulets in your life. Not just when you go out for a walk or go to work, but also at home.

Test of mental strength

December 21, 2020 is a challenging but amazing time for personal transformation and the search of your predestination: two powerful planets Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct. There will be global processes under their influence taking place all over the world. And that means that each of us must embrace these changes and succeed the flow of the divine plan. This is the only way to get the support of the Universe and your karmic stars.

For three years Saturn has been in the star zone of Capricorn, where it has manifested itself to the maximum. Those familiar with the mysteries of the planets know that there is a strong spirit with character behind Saturn. It does not tolerate irresponsibility and disorganisation, so it gives limitations and challenges, and teaches us to build our life, step by step, lesson by lesson. The apogee of Saturn’s manifestation was 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic, which set us all in lock down for months.

Instantly, airports and train stations were deserted. We could meet our friends and loved ones only thanks to the internet and telephones. So why do we need such an ordeal? We need it to prepare ourselves for the next transformation, to bring ourselves in emotional and spiritual order.

Prediction for 2021

Birth of true spirituality

Can spirituality be fake or distorted? We have seen the emergence of numerous gurus, coaches, psychologists and teachers over the last ten years. They amaze us with their knowledge and even give sometimes really valuable advice. But are their intentions honest? Do they give their students true knowledge? Alas, more often than not, after turning to pseudo-teachers, one has to seek help. Aayla Shaman has more than once rescued girls and women from the clutches of scoundrels.

The Age of Aquarius and Aayla open the door for women to a world of true knowledge, where old meanings die out and new ones are born. You can choose to go down the path of errors, to communicate with gurus and psychologists. It will be long and difficult, but the value of what you find will be great and will be received with great gratitude to the Universe. Or you can register for the open women’s shamanic school right now and attend the seminar, receive true knowledge from a spiritual teacher – Aayla Shaman. Which path will you take?

Of course, you cannot change yourself in one second and understand the secrets of the Universe. Inner changes are often painful and require work on yourself. But now is that unique time when new opportunities are opening for women. The Age of Aquarius allows us to change ourselves for the better, to rethink our past, to find a spiritual school and a mentor.

All the answers are within ourselves – so says Aayla. By understanding the laws of nature and the cosmos our body and soul work, following the path of transformation, it is possible to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Agnes, Berne:

The last three years have been a personal hell for me as a volunteer and lawyer for a charitable foundation. I haven’t seen so much pain, loss and disappointment in my practice in a long time. Every day I receive many requests from all over the world to help with medicines and basic necessities. Pictures of children in need of the simplest of necessities, destitute and abandoned women, they don’t let me go for a second. Aayla has pulled me out of my terrible depression. In small steps, I was learning to deal with the endless flow of information, heavy energies, and recovering myself. If it wasn’t for personal sessions and then – attending group classes, I wouldn’t have made it. Aayla made some amulets especially for me, which protect me and give me strength to help other people. Needless to say, how important spiritual support is for volunteers around the world. I gave Aayla’s amulets to my colleagues, too, and taught them to bring themselves into a state of spiritual balance.

Success in business

An unexpected bonus in the form of plum money on your bank card? Good fortune? Or a gift from the Spirit of Money? Success in business and finances awaits our students in 2021. The Spirit of the planet Jupiter, which enters its rights with the Age of Aquarius, has a strong character. It helps realizing big projects successfully and gives support in financial matters.

2021 is the time to create global projects which can change lives of people not only within one family, but also in the country and generally in the world.

Will everyone receive such gifts and magical good fortune? We shall not reassure you, not everyone will be included in the list of the chosen ones. It is an honour one must earn. Jupiter will appreciate your efforts if you devote time to spiritual and physical shamanic practices, self-development in addition to your diligence at work and participation in charity.

If you are a businesswoman, a politician, an executive, you have to remember: without daily spiritual practices you will not be able to keep your career in your hands. The energy of money will be inextricably linked with creation and spirituality In the Age of Aquarius.

Prediction for 2021

Success and realization of your desires

Together with 2021 there comes a time when you have an opportunity to be internally reborn as another woman – strong, rich, successful, surrounded by strong family and friends. Personal dreams can become a reality by following a transformational path and the guidance of a spiritual teacher. Aayla has been helping women all over the planet reveal their predestination and pursue their path of self-development for 30 years. Attending seminars, Places of Power, working in detail with your karmic and astrological chart, and participating in a prayer circle of love are just some of the steps that will help you walk the path of spiritual transformation easily and with powerful shamanic support.

You have gained new knowledge, and now it’s time for you to become a ray of light for others. Share this article with other people, register for online programs, individual sessions, workshops and seminars held by Aayla. Dream, love, and cherish your loved ones. Everything will be alright.

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    Prediction for 2021
    A shamanic prediction for 2021

    Today, Aayla will give us a shamanic prediction for 2021 and explain the opportunities that will open up for a man and for the world at large.

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